It's the little things...

I really am easily amused.  Especially when it comes to anything baking related.  I found a restaurant supply store recently and decided to browse yesterday and these are the wonderful little treasures I found.
An open star tip, a closed start tip, a big round tip, a coupler (that lets you use different sized tips) a REALLY nice piping bag. I probably could have spent most of the day in there!!

I meet with the career counselor today. I'm interested to see what info she's found out for me. I decided to take some of the carrot cupcakes I made to her office with me! You never know who may be a potential customer!


  1. Once upon a time when I was a Girl Scout I had a nice tip set and some nice piping bags. I'm not sure where my set went once I got married.

    I will council you on a career if you bring ME some carrot cake cupcakes!!! Isn't everyone a potential customer?

    Good luck on the job front.

  2. yay! Good luck!! I'm totally flying to TX when you open up that cupcakery of yours (because I totally have faith in you that you WILL open it!) and stuffing my face full of tiramisu cupcakes!

  3. Awesome finds! They're cute.
    I need to visit your cupcakery someday. I will. :)