Curse you technology

There's lots of baking and business building going on, but seeing as our main computer (you know know the one with all the photos and recipes) is out of commission for around 2 weeks. I'm working off the dino laptop, so posts may be few and far between. I'll try and keep up on the FB page! Thanks for sticking with us!


The show must go on...

I'm still waiting for that knock on my door... It's going on 3 weeks since I've heard anything. I'm not counting it out yet, but I'm also gonna keep moving forward with my own thing.

Still working on perfecting some recipes and have a few that still need to be tested. I'm finding that most need at least 2 tries to get them right.

I did cupcakes for a birthday this weekend. It was a Tinkerbell theme, and the colors requested were pink and green. I was told that flavor was not overly important. So I went with vanilla cake and white chocolate mint buttercream. I did have green cake with pink frosting and the other half pink cake with pink frosting. Unfortunately, in my rush to get them to the party on time, I forgot to snap a few photos... So, I thought I would share what I made my "baby" (she just turned 9) for her birthday. She requested "chocolate and more chocolate"...