The journey to a cupcakery

I have been obsessed with baking for a long time. I'm fairly certain that this comes from my Granny! Baking relaxes me and just plain makes me happy. There's been more than one occasion that I have baked for the sake of baking and wasn't even interested in the eating part. That's not the case with cupcakes, however!

I got caught up in the cupcake craze when most people considered it to be over. That's generally how I "follow" trends though. That's ok with me, because I think think that people will always love cupcakes. I'm mean honestly, what's not to love. Individual portions, perfect size, no fork required and easy clean up.

So I decided that I want to be the owner/operator of a cupcakery! I know that this is not something that will happen overnight or be easy in any way, but I KNOW I can do this! I'm using this blog as a means to collect my thought, share recipe hit and misses and HOPEFULLY take you on the journey to my dream.

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  1. heck yeah, I'm your first follower!!

  2. You must let me make you a cupcake hat!!!!!!!!!!

    Let your friends know how we can help!

    I'll do anything for a good cupcake!

    Casey Morgan Bosley aka flower girl designs