How NOT to ship cupcakes

I made another attempt at shipping cupcakes this week.  I actually remembered to take photos this time.  I think I was just to anxious the first time.  I got photos from the recipient and it was another EPIC FAIL.  Even with my fancy new "dry ice" packs, which apparently were still cool.  I'm trying my hardest to keep shipping costs as low as possible, but I think I'm gonna have to beef up the cupcake/coldness protection, which means more cost.  Here's a little pictorial...

Spicy chocolate and chai!

Fancy ice pack!!

Wrapped and ready to be boxed!!!

How they arrived (so sad)...

I really did have high hopes for this.  I'm starting to wonder if it's just going to be best to stuff them in a disposable container and give up on them arriving pretty...

Back to the drawing board!


  1. Serious bummer :( If you ever decide to up your costs and anyone questions it, you now have pics to show why! This might be why everyone I see on Etsy who sells cupcakes send them unfrosted. Yeah, not pretty, but at least they can be finished off nicely once they get to their destination. As for me, I still would have licked the messed up box clean!!

  2. OH DEAR! Mine did not look that bad! Although they were sort of contained in cups, so maybe they would have.

    They did look beatiful! And I'm sure they still tasted DELISH!

  3. Aw dang!
    Well, try and try again until you succeed! You will:)

  4. That sucks, but I have confidence that you'll find the magic touch to shipping your lovely cupcakes. Hang in there!

  5. Oh, no. How stressful!