The search continues

Wow! I haven't updated since November... The search is still on for commercial lease space and baking continues! I'm gonna attempt to get better about more regular posts...

In other recent news, over the past few months I've had my Ain't Your Granny's cupcake image stolen TWICE! Oddly enough, I discovered this while browsing Etsy. I have an Etsy shop, but I don't sell cupcakes there, so imagine my surprise to see one of my photos on the front page! I would be flattered if it wasn't stealing! Besides, shouldn't these people be using photos of their OWN?? Seems like false advertising to me (especially when they talk about crean cheese frosting on their cupcake...) That lead me to spend the good part of one day last week watermarking all my photos. Thankfully, the people using my photos have taken them down and I've updated the photo. Lesson learned! And for your viewing drooling pleasure, here's the new Ain't Your Granny's!

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