There's a first time for everything

So, after going on in my last post about how no recipe comes out right on the first try... I had a recipe come out on the VERY FIRST try!

The idea for this cupcake came about at the beginning of last week (it was World Nutella Day incidentally). I get ideas for flavors and flavor combos at weird times and often in weird places. This one happened to come to me while taking a shower! When my youngest asks for a "sandwich" it means one thing... peanut butter, marshmallow creme and Nutella. I figured if it was good on bread, it HAD to be good as a cupcake. There's lots of ways this could've been combined, but I decided on peanut butter cake, marshmallow filling and Nutella buttercream. I wasn't sure it was going to work at first, cause the peanut butter cake didn't seem quite peanut buttery enough. Once I got it finished and assembled... WOW! These things are pretty fantastic! Now, to name them... The Trifecta seemed pretty good!

These are officially on the menu!


  1. my my my! what a pretty little thing...yum!!

  2. Oh man, sounds so good, and so pretty!!!