Crafty Cupcakes

I'm constantly visualizing what the inside of my storefront will look like.  I imagine a shop filled with vintage treasure and handmade goodies, styled with bright colors and a very kitschy feel.  In the meantime, I've got my kitchen decorated with cupcakes all over.  Photos, paintings and drawings cover the walls.  I've made cupcakes out of socks, thrifted fabrics and containers.  I've turned tea cups and saucers into cupcake display plates.  Then there's my cake stands, created from thrifted plates and candle sticks.

There was a blog post on Oh Mandie about a week ago, where she discussed making a wreath out of cupcake liners.  I proceeded to freak out and then decide I simply must make one for myself.  I found a wreath (with some UGLY paper on it that I promptly ripped of) at the thrift store for 45 cents and then discovered a cake supply shop in town that had these lovely papers for 40% off (there's orange on them... nuff said).  I really like her suggestion to use straight pins instead of hot glue (hot glue and I DO NOT get along).  I scrunched and pinned and scrunched and pinned some more...
And... TA DA! I haven't quite decided where to put it, so I just took some quick photos of it on the table. I dug through my (VAST) button collection and found this beat up old metal button for the center of the white paper flower!

I got a package in the mail last week and squealed in delight upon opening it! My mom has been crocheting and knitting like a mad woman and these little cuties found their way to my house!
And look... they are interchangeable! You can mix and match the tops and bottoms!!!!

Exciting news on the business front... I am officially Food Manager certified and babee cakes is a registered business with the county. I'm still searching for a kitchen to work in. I sent some emails out last week and haven't gotten responses yet, so I think some phone calls will be made this week!


  1. Good job on the wreath April!! I've made these before, but I use squares of fabric instead. Never thought to use muffin cups...lol. I love the ones your mom knitted for ya. I may have to see if my step-mom can make some of these for Raegan... a matching game for when she gets to learning her colors :-).

  2. yay!!!! Your wreath turned out super cute! I love the color of the papers you used! Easy as pie and cute, gotta love those types of projects!

  3. Adorable!!! I especially like the white flower with the button.

    I can't wait until you post photos of your shop...someday. It sounds like place that I would visit frequently.